Virtual Live-Online Training

Live Instructors Online! Live Audio

Communicate Live with your classmates. See the instructor’s lectures & presentations. Share your desktop with the instructor when you have questions. All the benefits of classroom training in the comfort of your own home! What else do you want? We do not cook you dinner!

Mi-Time Anywhere Anytime

  • Busy Professional?
  • Entrepreneur?
  • Demanding family responsibilities?
  • Ambidextrous?
  • Get your training when and where you want it!
  • Access to all training materials from anywhere on the planet!
  • Your Training at Your Finger Tips!
  • Speak with a CTIChicago representative for details!
  • 312.888.9156


Virtual Live On-Line Training ‘It’s Just Like being there!’

Only at CTIChicago – We offer all of These FREE Student Services:

CTIChicago ‘Live-Online’ Virtual Classroom Training includes:

 • Live Audio & Video with Instructors 
 • Live Audio & Video with Classmates 
 • Share Your Desktop with Instructor 
 • Get Live Keyboard and Mouse help with Exercises 
 • Chat with Instructors & Classmates 

WIOA State Grants Available to Cover the Entire Cost of Your Online Training Program!  

 • Free Laptop Provided for Online Training  
 • Industry Recognized Certifications 
 • Career & Job Placement Services 

Online Registration Available for WIOA Illinois Training Grants

There are 2 ways to apply:

Call To Request Your Online Orientation 
Phone: (312) 994-8300 

Register Online

Recently laid off, full-load or unemployed?
If so, you can call the Illinois Department of Economic Services at 800-244-5631 or 866-488-4016 (TTY).
Please note the lines have been very busy so we recommend filing your claim via the IDES website.

Click here to File Unemployment Claim

Please do not go in person: As of March 19, 2020, the IDES offices are closed to
the public until further notice.


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